Western Style Is In, Here’s What You Need to Know

Channel the spirit of the American West.


From the high-fashion runways to the streets of major cities across the nation, western style is making a major comeback, and for good reason. The garments are rugged, functional and exude a uniquely American aesthetic. Though fringed jackets and bolo ties may be far-flung for some, the following western garments give an uncomplicated foray into into the style.

The Best Western Shirts


The Western shirt, with its shoulder yoke and snap buttons, is back. Here are the essential buys for this classic shirt.

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Handmade Boots for Under $250


Tecovas boots are handmade in Leon, Mexico, from premium leather and are sold direct-to-consumer for prices that are unbeatable.

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The Denim Jacket You Need


The denim jacket is a wardrobe staple that looks better the more you wear it. Here are the best options for men.

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The Best Brimmed Hats


Brimmed hats are synonymous with the Jazz Age and cowboys, but these picks look stylish no matter the era.

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