The Clothing Trends to Watch for in Spring 2017

The colors, fabrics and trends you need to know.


Over the last week in New York, clothing designers from across the industry showed off their Spring/Summer 2017 collections. New York Fashion Week: Men’s was a flurry of runway shows and presentations, while Capsule and Liberty Fairs gave wholesale buyers a chance to scope out a range of international brands. Par for the course, there are various trends and instances of experimentation, ranging from prominent colors, inspiration by decade and different fabrics. So if you want to plan your 2017 wardrobe early, or just stay ahead of the curve, these are the trends to know.

Olive Drab


Olive drab is showing up in collections from both high-fashion designers and small independent brands. Pants, jackets, hats and satin shirts all received the military-green treatment, in a slight nod to the pre-1980s decades.

Vibrant Kicks


More and more brands are jumping on the trend of leather shoes in vibrant colors. Those minimalist leather kicks you’ve been eyeing now come in rich reds, greens and yellows.

A Different Shade of Red


Though dusty pink is making a strong showing, burgundy is showing up in a wide range of collections. From sportswear to suiting, this dark, rich red is a staple in spring ’17 wardrobes.



Upscaled bombers and souvenir jackets continue to be popular at fashion shows, but the luxurious satin fabric is making its way into other garments as well. Expect to see it in shirts, overshirts, pants and jackets. Everything is getting a little shinier.

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