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5 Quick Tips to Up Your Fall Suit Game

Stand out from the crowd with guidance from Indochino’s Tom Kearnan.


Chances are that this fall, you’ll be grabbing for a suit. And know this: a suit is a powerful thing, and wearing one in the fall — whether at work, school or play — shouldn’t be taken lightly. Because laying out a suit isn’t always simple, we interviewed Tom Kearnan, the director of fashion at Indochino, to grab some of his tricks. He showed us around his new collection, then offered five tips to help up your suit game this fall.

1. Start with gray. Kearnan was emphatic about this first step: “gray is the best place for anyone to start, especially a younger guy coming into the workforce.” Gray is neutral, dark enough to be formal but light enough not to clash with other dark colors like blue and black.

2. Invest in five colored shirts. Looking for a way to stretch a suit across several days, or even an entire work week? Kearnan said that with one gray suit, five colored shirts and a great pair of shoes, “you’re set for your first week of work.”

3. Use ties and pocket squares to play off colors and textures. When you’re ready to start expressing some personality beyond the color of your shirt, start with the tie. Gray suit? Try a navy pocket square. Windowpane or herringbone suit? Try a floral tie. Go with a tie and a pocket square, and “you’re a winner; you’re standing out in fashion.”

4. Be upfront with your stylist. When your stylist, or a store employee, asks what you want, don’t shrug it off and fend for yourself. Be upfront. “Tell us what you want,” Kernan said, even if that has nothing to do with colors or fit, but with your desired affect. “If you’re going to the business world and you really want to stand out and look like a boss, or look like your boss, let us know that.”

5. Be yourself. At the end of the day, you’re dressing for you. Kernan concluded with this piece of advice: “I think in today’s world it’s all about being yourself. So bring your self-expression, and up your game, and show the world who you are.”

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