Oliver Peoples Daddy B Sunglasses

Get Your Shine On While Keeping the Shine Out

[image id='cd7020bd-783e-4369-b788-b8bbb43dd1e1' mediaId='1233dfbc-6ade-4726-9d7e-09bbf7030719' align='center' size='medium' share='false' caption='' expand='' crop='original'][/image]

These Oliver Peoples Daddy B ($325) shades may seem familiar because they have graced the face of more than a few celebrities including Jay-Z. That’s because thanks to their slightly oversized Mod shape, these classics standout with a 70s-retro flare that translates into classic cool. Note worthy details include options for CR-39 Polarized or Photochromic lenses, along with miniature pin-details on the front frames and visible core-wire that runs along the interior temples. A 20th anniversary logo for Oliver Peoples is also added, just in case observers doubted your good taste in eye wear. Sold in five color ways, pick up a pair and let the paparazzi come. Over flowing champagne bottles sadly are additional.

Buy Now: $325

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