Archival Clothing Rucksack

A Heritage Bag From a Modern Day


Reading Gear Patrol and seeing all the bags we feature, you might think we live by the motto “the measure of a man is how many bags he owns.” Well, here’s some more proof to that theory – our newest luggage obsession, the Archival Clothing Rucksack ($240). Archival Clothing started out as a place to blog about that which no longer existed, vintage clothing, books, and bags. Out of that, Archival Clothing recently launched a store, and with it their Rucksack.

The Rucksack is built to pay homage to the great vintage rucksacks and canoe packs, while integrating some newer features for the best of both worlds. Hand made in the Pacific Northwest the Rucksack features: 22 oz waxed cotton twill fabric with taped seams, Horween Chromexcel Straps and leather accents, solid brass hardware, military grade cotton webbing, semi-rigid back pad, and double front bellow pockets.

After putting the Rucksack through the paces over a couple of summer weekends lakeside and on a few business trips, we’ve come away impressed. It had enough room to pack for a three day weekend including clothes and a dopp kit, and doubled as a carry-on slash “briefcase” for work. The one strap access, front pockets, and back pad are made for comfort and convenience. If old school is your deal, check the Archival Clothing Rucksack for your backpack needs.

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Author’s Note: Don’t be shocked if the Rucksack makes you feel popular, we were getting compliments and questions from the in-laws as well as well as fellow airline passengers.

Buy Now: $240

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