Swedish Sweaters That Take a Week to Knit

The man behind Stutterheim tackles knitwear.


Alexander Stutterheim wants to change the way you think about fashion. The man behind a popular brand of Swedish raincoats has made a compelling stand in the world of knitwear with his new brand, John Sterner, a label that offers hand-knit turtleneck sweaters inspired by the the knits his grandfather wore fishing. Each sweater takes one week to knit and costs $800.

Though the price tag may seem high, it’s appropriate considering the production time and raw materials. John Sterner, as a brand, is focused on supply-chain transparency; Stutterheim is developing an app to let customers track the brand’s herd of sheep and follow the wool as it’s sheared, dyed and knit. In a world overrun with consumer culture, John Sterner provides a sustainable and luxurious alternative to mass-produced goods.

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You can purchase your own John Sterner sweater by emailing contact@johnsterner.com, and picking it up at Stutterheim’s Stockholm apartment.

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