This New Gym Bag from Flag Nor Fail is Worth The Weight

The Gym (H2)Bro Bag is designed for weightlifters by weightlifters, with compartments for neoprene sleeves, sneakers and an exterior lifting belt carrier.

flag nor fail bag
Flag Nor Fail

It seems like every modern fitness fad comes with a whole bag of highly specific gear requirements — not to mention a highly specific bag in which to store it all. Then there's that ripped, old-school weightlifter at your gym who tosses his gloves, belt and blender bottle indiscriminately into a duffel bag held together by duct tape as if no one told him backpacks had been invented. Now imagine his face when you show him Flag Nor Fail's Gym (H2)Bro Bag — the third iteration of a backpack designed for weightlifters by weightlifters. The fully waterproof, black-on-black bag has compartments for your neoprene knee sleeves, iPads/Laptops, sneakers, keys, nose Tork and best of all, an exterior lifting belt carrier. Click the link below to find out more about what makes this the bag for weightlifters.

Buy Now: $106

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