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Update Your EDC With a Titanium Key Ring

Drop and Craighill collaborated on a titanium pair of very necessary EDC accessories.

valet with keys and wallet
Courtesy Drop

Drop frequently collaborates with lauded brands in hi-fi audio, tech and EDC to bring customers enviable products at members-only prices. Its latest partner is Brooklyn-based Craighill, an accessories brand that produces everyday objects with meticulous designs that are at once simple and cerebral. Craighill's designs strip away any fluff and explore mathematical concepts and material nerdery. It's a hell of a way to go about designing something as quotidian as a ruler, but that's what makes Craighill fascinating.

For the collaboration, Drop looked to two of Craighill's most popular designs, the Helix Key Ring and the Square Money Clip. Rather than reinventing the Craighill classics, the brands are offering the two popular items in titanium. Known for it's extreme strength-to-weight ratio, titanium is as strong as steel, but about 40 percent lighter. It's also resistant to corrosion. You'll find it in aerospace applications, certainly, but in this case, it also excels at holding keys and cash.

Courtesy Drop

The Helix TI Key Ring is an elegant solution to the conventional key ring. The simple wire threads through any set of keys with ease and the end cap design makes swapping keys frustration-free. Perhaps it's just the cards that I'm dealt, but I rarely have to swap keys. However, whenever I do, it always seems to be right after having trimmed my nails. Even if you have a helpful amount of nail to pry open a conventional spiral keyring, it's not a pleasant user experience. But, the Helix TI Key Ring is painless.

Courtesy Drop

The Square TI Money Clip is incredibly lightweight but holds its own compared to brass and steel. If you prefer a slim card wallet and find yourself with paper bank notes wadded together in your pocket, a money clip is the perfect solution. Because of the titanium, it doesn't feel like it's anchoring down your pants. And, that's great if you're skeptical about adding yet another piece of gear to your EDC.

The key ring retails for $35 and the money clip for $45 and come with free shipping.

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