Everything You Need to Know About T-Shirts

The best fabrics, the best expert advice, the best to buy.

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Kayla Ramsey

The humble t-shirt, born in the military, has moved up the ranks from inconspicuous undergarment to closet staple to an outward signal that says, "Hello, I listen to obscure punk bands." Whether you like your tee plain, laden with graphics, or handed to you in packs of 12 or handcrafted and painfully artisanal, there's no end to the options. Looking to dive in? Here's everything you need to know about t-shirts.

The Best T-Shirts You Can Buy

Courtesy Huckberry

We'll just lay everything out for you. Here's our list of the best of the best.

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What Makes a Quality T-Shirt?

Kayla Ramsey

Okay, but what exactly makes a good t-shirt a good t-shirt? Glad you asked.

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Some of the Best T-Shirts Are Made with This Fabric

Courtesy The Rite Stuff

There's the usual cotton jersey that we're all familiar with. Then, there's loopwheel fabric. It's extremely rare, often comes with a lofty price tag and is totally drool-worthy.

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Which Cheap T-Shirt Is Worth Your Money?

Gerald Ortiz

That said, a t-shirt is a democratic garment. You don't need to drop a brick of cash to get a good one. Plenty companies make tees that keep your porcelain piggy full. We compared two of the most well-known options to show you which one is right for you. Hint: they're both good.

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This Small Brooklyn Brand Makes One of Our Favorite T-Shirts

Courtesy Alex Crane

A personal endorsement from our style editor, these tees from Alex Crane are particularly great.

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The Best T-Shirts You Can Buy, According to Style Experts

Gear Patrol

If you're not into our own recommendation, here are what other style experts have to say.

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How to Keep Your White T-Shirts White

white t shirts in a row on washing line
D-BASEGetty Images

Now that you've done your research and found your favorite white tee, here's how you can keep it looking as fresh as the day it was delivered to your door step.

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The Best T-Shirt for Summer Is a Vintage One

Grand Street Local

Or, if you're into the worn-in aesthetic, try a vintage tee. Here's why.

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