These Lab-Grown Diamonds Make the Perfect Engagement Ring

The right engagement ring isn’t just timeless and sparkling- it’s lab-grown

couple co diamonds
Couple Co.

We've all heard that "diamonds are forever" — and there's a lot of truth in that. It's not only because they're timeless — as the hardest crystal on the planet, diamonds are also incredibly resilient. The stones are formed under intense heat and pressure, and for years the thought of growing them scientifically was unimaginable. However, technology and innovation have achieved what was thought to be impossible — growing real diamonds in a lab. Couple is leading the industry with beautiful diamonds, offering the same chemical composition down to the atom. They create unique diamonds every time and are 100 percent conflict free, sustainable and ethical. From free customizations to a personal diamond concierge, buying a diamond has never been more transparent, and frankly, enjoyable. So leave behind stuffy jewelry stores and high-pressure sales tactics and let Couple help you find the perfect ring.

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