The Perfect Luggage for Your Next Escape

Kuhl's new Eskape Series includes a range of ultra-tough and intuitively designed bags and duffels made for your trip across town or across the continent.

kuhl escape series

Some bags are designed for your daily commute and not a whole lot more — after all, you don't rent a U-Haul just to go to the grocery store. Of course, other bags are designed more like moving vans, with enough room for all your worldly possessions and, unfortunately, all the weight that comes with them. But the best bags are the ones that can do both — they're lightweight and streamlined enough for everyday use but with enough storage for when your errands turn into expeditions. Kuhl's new Eskape Series is built for exactly that, with a range of ultra-tough and intuitively designed bags and duffels made for your trip across town or across the continent. Check out what makes these new bags so special below.

kuhl escape series


Made for Moving: The new Eskape Series bags and duffels are designed for a life on the go, whether that's your daily commute or an international adventure. Products like this Eskape 25 Kanvas Backpack feature quick-access pockets for your most frequently needed items like a laptop or wallet, an interior clamshell compartment designed for easy packing and a trolley sleeve for attachment to a suitcase or rolling luggage.


Tech Protection: No one likes having to pack one bag inside another like a set of Russian dolls, which is why having dedicated pockets for your laptop, tablet or other tech equipment is so useful. Kuhl's Eskape Series bags feature padded and protective sleeves for your precious cargo, as well as waterproof fabrics and water-resistant zippers to keep liquids out.


Durable Design: All of bags in Kuhl's new Eskape Series are made with durable, waterproof, TPU-laminated nylon fabric with additional reinforcement at high-abrasion areas. But beyond merely protecting your stuff from the outside world, the Eskape Series bags maintain an inner order as well, with intuitive, modular designs and in the case of the Eskape 14 Messenger, a fleece-lined pocket for protecting your sunglasses or other delicate items.

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