This Wool Kit Is Used by America’s Cup Sailors

The Woolmark Company and Prada teamed up to create a revolutionary wool-based kit for the Luna Rossa Challenger team.

woolmark luna rossa tee

Get your hands on the wool t-shirt worn by the Luna Rossa America's Cup team. The t-shirt is part of an innovative wool-based kit created by Prada and Woolmark and is the first of its kind. The entire kit utilizes merino wool to enhance performance while reducing environmental impact. Wool is a key solution to reducing environmental damage from microplastics, as it's 100-percent biodegradable. Made with the world's oceans in mind, this gear is a purchase you can feel good about. Each piece in the collection offers superb breathability, the ability to wick away moisture and superior thermoregulation, making it ideal for a day on the seas or whatever wet weather adventure you have planned.


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