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Uniqlo's Wildly Popular Face Masks Just Got an Update (and New Colors)

These affordable masks are now even better.

I would be willing to venture a guess that you, dear reader, are just as tired of thinking about this ongoing pandemic as I am. I get that! I really do. So I'd understand if you told me that buying a new mask isn't at the top of your list of things to do today. You want to spend less time dealing with the issue, after all. Understandable! But allow me to offer up an alternate way of thinking about things: If you are one of the many, many people possessed of a subpar mask collection, getting a three-pack (or two) of really good ones will save you a great deal of mental effort in the long run.

Consider how much time and energy goes into wearing a bad mask. The constant back-and-forth of slipping and readjusting. The fogging of glasses. The uncomfortable tugging at the ears. It's frustrating — and unnecessary. Just ditch the Bad Masks and stock up on some good ones. We've got a whole list of options for you, but if you don't feel like scrolling through it, just click on over to Uniqlo and get some of their newly — and colorfully! — redesigned AIRism masks.

An update on an already-popular style, these new masks use a triple-layer construction with a built-in non-woven filter and a swath of that all-important AIRism fabric — soft, silky, and breathable as it is — that sits against the skin. The ear straps (which were perfectly fine on the first generation of masks in my experience) have been redone to be stretchier and even more comfortable. And the stitching and seaming, which previously had a tendency to pucker up and lose their shape a bit, are now smoother and sleeker, so the mask fits better on your face for longer stretches. Oh, and in addition to black and white, you can now take your pick of navy, brown, and blue colorways.

AIRism Mask (Pack of 3)


All in all, what Uniqlo did was take something that was already good and make it that much better. It's not exactly a groundbreaking concept in product design, but when you're talking about an affordable three-pack of easily accessible masks to see us all through what are hopefully the last days of this pandemic, it's a welcome one, nonetheless.

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