We Tracked Down the Leather Jackets John Mayer Wore in His New Music Video

They'll run you about $13,000 each.


John Mayer dropped the first single off his forthcoming Sob Rock album today, and, to no one's surprise, he's wearing grail-worthy Japanese designer goods in it. The song, called "Last Train Home," is a "a slick rock production with an '80s polish, filled with keyboard stabs that remind of Toto, and guitar licks galore," Billboard reports. Mayer's jackets — with their popped collars and unpolished finishes — fit the theme, even though he was once famously opposed to the style. (He's also wearing a period-correct Rolex Daytona 6263, we've determined.)

[image id='ae56f8ad-8e21-4370-bf92-4696fc664bde' mediaId='a7837f8d-e7a8-4868-8bed-1d0c268b7e1c' align='center' size='medium' share='false' caption='' expand='' crop='original'][/image]

But where'd he get the jackets? Who makes them? Gear Patrol editor John Zientek and I spent a couple of hours this morning tracking them down. First, we assumed they were Japanese — and maybe vintage. Mayer's affection for both is well-known. But what about the pull tabs? They're ornate but probably not something he did himself. And then there are the white sleeves. My immediate guess was Buco, a defunct Detroit brand revitalized by retailer The Real McCoy's. Someone on Reddit pointed out that John Mayer wore one of the jackets earlier this year — the white-sleeved one — and said they'd attempted to buy it, too. It was Visvim and ran for over $10,000.

[composite mediaId='b0497da4-cd9e-43d8-9544-31392d7969d0'][/composite]

At last, it was a Facebook post from Japanese proxy retailer Vintage Concept Store that sealed the deal. The jackets — both the white and black one and the all-black iteration — are Strabler Jackets from Visvim's AW19 catalog. You can buy them both here (the black and white one, aka "Thunders") and here (the all-black one). But be careful before you add both to your cart, they run for about $13,000 each.


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