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Staff Picks: What Our Style Team Likes Right Now

Fashion is confusing.


Every single day, our style team filters through millions upon millions of style articles, clothing pieces, collection launches, brand parties, blogger fads, runway shows, fashion shoots, lookbooks and many, many more stimuli to stay on top of what’s hot in men’s fashion. In spite of all that noise, we’ll keep things simple here: just four things we’re into right now, updated each week.

Velva Sheen Slub Cotton T-Shirt


Add a bit of color to your rotation of t-shirts with this slub-cotton tee from Velva Sheen. The washed-out salmon color will go well with anything from jeans to black pants to olive chinos. Plus, the slub-cotton fabric is soft and breathable, wearing like a favorite shirt you’ve had for years.

Buy Now: $50

Reebok Classic Leather Sneakers


We’ve singled out off-white kicks as the ideal summer shoe color before — and that judgement hasn’t changed. But this new offering from Reebok offers another solid option in a classic silhouette. The patterned suede on these monochromatic kicks adds subtle texture without being too over-the-top for a daily-wear shoe.

Buy Now: $85

Runabout Goods Marina Polo


The Ban-Lon polo, so named because of the synthetic fabric it was made from in the 1950s and ‘60s, was long the staple of thrift-store racks. The modern iteration is made of acrylic or cotton, yet it still has the slimming waist and arm ribbing that made the style so appealing half a century ago. Los Angeles brand Runabout Goods makes one of the best throwback options out there, and the stripes look retro without being kitschy.

Buy Now: $135

Lotuff Duffle Travel Bag in Green


July and August are prime time for summer vacations, so it’s wise to pick out luggage that stands apart from everyone else’s. If you don’t want to lose your suitcase at the airport, Lotuff’s Duffle Travel Bag in Green has a distinct, stately appearance that will make it stand out amid a sea of black and gray luggage. Made in New England, the vegetable-tanned leather’s regal hue is reminiscent of British Racing Green, so if you can’t own a Land Rover or Jaguar in the famed color, this is the next best thing.

Buy Now: $1,100

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