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Why You Should Invest in a Linen Jacket

No-sweat summer layering.


Summer layering is a difficult task. High humidity makes many blazers and jackets too oppressive to wear between June and September. Fear not, though. There are still plenty of summer-friendly alternatives, including, of course, the linen jacket. Whether used in a safari jacket or an overshirt, linen’s breathability keeps the wearer from overheating, and its less formal appearance lends it an air of insouciance. After all, these are garments that look their best a tad rumpled.

Garment-Dyed Cotton-Linen Shirt Jacket by Wallace & Barnes $148

Stade Linen Jacket by Arpenteur $383

Easy Coat in Houndstooth Linen by TS(S) $562

Khaki Linen D-43 Field Jacket by Drake’s $595

Linen Safari Jacket by Ring Jacket $950

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