Run Faster and Further with These Compression Tights

The Light Speed Compression Tights from 2XU were designed with performance in mind.

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2XU Light Speed Compression Tights

2XU (Two Times You) is on a mission to create a fitter, healthier world through its activewear. In an effort to inspire people to commit to change, 2XU creates products that help you crush your fitness goals. This includes a range of compression garments that can literally help you run faster. Designed with performance in mind, the Light Speed Compression Tights can help you train harder and recover faster.

2xu black leggings front
2xu black leggings back


The Light Speed Compression Tights contain Muscle Containment Stamping (MCS) on the inside of the tight. The stamping traces key muscle groups to reduce movement and provide extra compression support.

Reduced Injury

Designed with performance in mind and made with graduated compression that boosts blood flow to muscles, these tights can help reduce the risk of injury so you can take your training to the next level safely.

Speedy Recovery

With an increase in blood lactate removal and reduced swelling to the thigh and calf, these tights reduce muscle soreness allowing you to get back to your training sooner.

Price: $120


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