These Exotic Caiman Belly Boots Are Worth Every Penny

Direct-to-consumer exotic boots for only $450.


Austin-based boot brand Tecovas has expanded its direct-to-consumer offerings to include a flagship exotic boot made from caiman belly. “It’s just about the most beautiful exotic out there,” said Paul Hedrick, the founder of Tecovas. Hedrick opted to use caiman as opposed to alligator or crocodile because of the consistency of the final product. When caiman skin is stretched over a vamp in the boot-making process, the resulting patterns on the boot are more symmetrical.

Like other boots designed by Tecovas, these exotics are handmade in León, Mexico, and are incredibly comfortable right out of the box. Offered in two styles — a roper boot called The Cole ($445) and a cowboy boot called The Dillon ($455) — the boots feature hand sewing on the shafts, hand-pegged soles and Goodyear welts. Customers can choose from either chocolate or midnight colors in sizes ranging from 7 to 14.

Though these boots are twice as expensive as the traditional styles from Tecovas, they’re worth it. For the money, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better-looking, more comfortable exotic boot.

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