This Jacket Can Survive Pretty Much Anything

The Indestructible Jacket from Vollebak is lightweight and designed for protection.

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Vollebak Indestructible Jacket

Rugged and lightweight utility jackets have long been used to protect people carrying out the toughest jobs in the toughest places. Now, Vollebak has a utility jacket that can take you even further — The Indestructible Jacket. For six years, Vollebak has been using science and technology to create the future of clothing. Aptly named, this jacket is built to handle nature's worst thanks to lightweight and incredibly strong Dyneema fabric. Whether you are adventuring in harsh conditions or working out in the field, it's important that your gear can withstand whatever may come your way.

vollebak jacket

History Remade

In 1880, the original denim jacket was created and quickly adopted as the uniform of miners, cowboys and laborers. Now, Vollebak has redesigned this iconic jacket but kicked it up a notch. It is a rugged, long-lasting design that can be worn anywhere and for almost anything.

Stronger than Steel

The Indestructible Jacket is made from Dyneema — the single strongest fiber known to man today. The colder Dyneema gets the stronger it gets, which is why it’s used to make the mooring lines on giant ships and deep-water oil rigs that have to perform in freezing seas. As a result, this jacket can survive your most rugged excursions.

Technical Masterpiece

The Indestructible Jacket comes with shatterproof buttons made from the world’s toughest nuts, hidden passport pockets and a collar designed to work everywhere from a jungle to the city. Each jacket requires hundreds of separate construction processes, over 35,000 stitches and more man-hours than almost anything else in your wardrobe.

Price: $645


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