This Sneaker Startup Is Helping People Grow Their Collections

The ideal online membership for people that love sneakers.

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SoleSavy Membership

When we think of getting our hands on a new pair of coveted sneakers, we imagine waiting in lines for hours or frantically trying to add the desired kicks to our online cart before they are gone — but with SoleSavy, this doesn't have to be the case. SoleSavy is an exclusive community for people who love sneakers, unlocking a world of technology and experiences. The mission of SoleSavy is to grow collections and make it easier to enjoy sneakers, and they do just that.

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SoleSavy is a community for people who love sneakers and want to add some more sneaker wins to their life. A SoleSavy membership unlocks the tools and resources to make sneakers more accessible and helps your grow your collection through expert advice and technology.


SoleSavy stands out from other sneaker platforms because they focus on sneaker enthusiasts—people who love wearing their shoes and growing their collections. Much of the investment and innovation within the sneaker industry has focused on people who sell to profit, not on the people who buy for their passion, whether they’re wearing or collecting. SoleSavy helps prior to sneaker releases with instant links to purchase, drop alerts in the SoleSavy app, raffle management and more.


The best part of SoleSavy is its community of members. When you first join, SoleSavy will help with information, education and tools to help you cop your dream pair, but it’s the people who make it fun. Members are vetted, and they love sneakers and getting "assists"— helping each other get pairs for retail.

Price: $33/month or $330/year


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