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These Vintage Barbour Jackets Will Have You Ready for Fall

Why spend hundreds on a new Barbour when vintage pieces are cheaper and already worn in?


Few garments inspire as much appreciation in men’s style circles as Barbour jackets. The classic English brand built its reputation on durable waxed cotton jackets, and while it’s branched out into quilted pieces, the rugged designs remain sought-after cult favorites. New Barbours may be beauties to behold, but the patina and character found on scuffed-up vintage jackets make them all the more endearing. Plus, the latter can be bought for a fraction of the original retail price. Among a variety of models and sizes found on secondhand sites like Etsy, these five caught our eye.

Barbour Border

Barbour’s Border jacket is a great option for tall men (it’s longer than other models) or for guys who enjoy the oversized look. This model from the 1990s is a size 38. This Border has a couple holes in the arms and rips in the seams, but waxed canvas jackets are easy to patch up. Or maybe you like the intentionally disheveled appearance.

Buy Now: $53

Barbour Bedale

The Bedale is the classic straight-cut, short-length Barbour field jacket, and the design hasn’t changed much since the 1990s when this one was made. It’s a size 36 (roughly a U.S. small), and has a well-weathered blue-green hue. There are a couple patches that give the jacket a lived-in look and only several small tears. For $60, a Bedale in this condition is a steal.

Buy Now: $60

Barbour Solway

Patina nerds will swoon over the heavy wear on this discontinued jacket. The Solway was one of Barbour’s most popular models for years, thanks to its long silhouette, bellow pockets and boxy fit. This Solway is missing its belt and the original olive-green hue has faded to yellow. But for someone who’s a size large, it’s rare, sought-after and still has plenty of life left.

Buy Now: $60

Barbour Beaufort

The Beaufort is a longer version of the Bedale, and features an additional pocket on the back right side that was originally designed for storing game (though is now more likely to carry your EDC). For a waxed cotton jacket made in the 1990s, the olive hue is still strong (a sign of proper waxing and maintenance) and the body is in great condition minus one small tear and a popped zip that needs stitching. These are small repairs that can be done at home anyway, so if you’re a size 40 (U.S. medium), jump on this coat.

Buy Now: $87

Barbour Solway

This Solway from the 1980s is a stark contrast from the heavily patinated 1970s Solway we also featured. Both have their appeal, but for someone who wants a vintage jacket that’s complete (this one has its belt) and properly maintained, they’ll find few better than this Solway. The double crested interior logo means the jacket was made between 1982 and 1987 (Barbour used single crests before and after), and the handsome corduroy collar and tartan lining show minimal wear. This Solway is a size 44 (U.S. extra large), and for the right guy — and with the right maintenance — will continue going strong for another 30-35 years.

Buy Now: $166

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