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Best Lightweight Scarves for Transitional Temps

When the weather is balmy this Autumn, reach for a scarf without so much density.


The transitional temperatures of fall can be tricky to dress for: chilly mornings and nights are often offset by balmy days. As is preached in countless menswear publications, layering is your friend in the shoulder season. But here’s a slightly less ubiquitous recommendation: one of the best fall accessories is the lightweight scarf. Manufactured with a looser weave, these scarves add a breathable layer without the heavy insulation of a chunky knit. Wear them as you would any other scarf — just sooner. There’s no rule that says you have to wait until the first frost to break out this cool-weather accessory.

Linen Blend Crepe Stripe Scarf by The Hill Side $27

Cotton Scarf by Tamaki Niime $87

Mandela Line by Dr. Collectors $89

Wild Silk Stripe Scarf by Monsoon Home $166

Linen 3 Circles Bandana Square by I Pezzi Dipinti $175

Checked Cashmere Scarf by Amiri $675

Herringbone Cashmere and Silk Blend Scarf by Loro Piana $795

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