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What makes Klättermusen's Tivar worth talking about –– by Gear Patrol Studios.

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Klättermusen can’t stop making colorful, high-quality gear. For outdoorsmen – and women – scanning the website is like stepping into a candy store. The Swedish brand offers a wide range of backpacks, accessories and apparel, but one standout is its flexible, quick-drying Tivar hat.

Ventilated and adjustable, the breathable headwear offers sun protection under a flexible brim that’s lined with a high-wicking sweatband. The Lightweight, packable hiking hat is constructed from a proprietary material that makes it great for trekking or simply spending a long day outside.

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The Backstory

Klättermusen: A Brand You Should Know By Now

While the Swedish brand is still steadily rising to mainstream fame, true gearheads know Klättermusen. In the past, we’ve called it one of the best small outdoor brands and dedicated entire articles to describing just how “into” the brand we really are. Now, it’s made a name for itself with line after line of cutting-edge Scandinavian mountaineering equipment.

One thing that really sets Klättermusen apart is its commitment to developing and incorporating new fabrics and technologies. Like the Tivar, the brand’s Ansur hiking hat is constructed with an intentionally windproof and water-resistant material called “Katla Cotton.” The subject of heavy testing, this proprietary material faced pressure and heat to mimic geological compaction. Other noteworthy technologies include the brand’s fully windproof box construction down jackets and apparel lined with RECCO rescue reflectors (which are searchable by local or Helicopter RECCO detectors).

Now, Klättermusen’s Tivar hat is made with Ultramid® Biomass Balance Polyamide. Polyamide is a durable fiber that can increase a product’s lifetime but traditionally requires petroleum-based plastics. However, this Ultramid® Biomass Balance variety is far more sustainable because the necessary fossil resources can be replaced with a renewable feedstock. Today, Klättermusen invests in nothing but 100 percent renewable feedstock and has become the very first outdoor brand to harness this fiber.

The Gist

What Makes This Packable Sun Hat So Great for Hiking and Camping?

Many sturdy hiking hats can be a hassle to crush down into your pack or tend to get hot during a truly full day of trekking. The Tivar, on the other hand, is so lightweight, flexible and adjustable you can fold it up into the palm of your hand. On the head, it’s fully ventilated and breathable, so it’s a great fit for all-day wear and won’t overheat in the sun.

The unisex hat is also a great hiking hat for both men and women because of its adjustable fit. The brim is lined with thin foam for added stability and features a strong wire around the edges so you can bend the brim as needed for extra sun protection. It's also lined with an elastic cord system so you can tailor the fit on the go or easily attach it to your pack.

Best of all – it’s quick-drying and ultra-lightweight: weighing in at 2.2 ounces, it's almost begging to be fully soaked in water before popping back onto your head.


Klättermusen’s Quick-Drying Tivar is a Flexible, Lightweight Hat Built for Summer Exploring

To pack the hat or not to pack – that is, at times, the question. And while you’re likely to want to bring the Tivar with you (everywhere) as soon as you try it on, its convenient packability makes it a simple last-minute option.

Plus, there’s nothing better than dunking your hat in a cool body of water, and the Tivar’s lightweight, quick-dry design makes cooling off all the easier. The adjustable unisex build also makes it a seamless go-to for any gearhead, and it’s a super easy piece to gift – or keep. At just $70, this sustainable piece is a steal. It’s sure to last you multiple seasons and come in handy all summer long, and it’s an easy entry point for any budding Klättermusen fan. Moreover, the burnt russet model is currently available for just $56 – so snag the piece while you can.

Price: $70


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