We’re Really Into This Swedish Outdoor Brand — and It Isn’t Fjällräven.

Our new favorite Swedish outdoor brand puts sustainability and durable outdoor gear in sync.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of purchasing products from the same outdoor brands over and over again. Maybe you’ve had great experiences with the brands’ products, or maybe it was a recommendation from a friend that garnered a lifelong allegiance. Why not try something different? There are tons of rad outdoor brands that don’t carry the same stigmas as the heavy hitters in the U.S., but are just as worthy of your attention.

Case in point: Klättermusen. Based in Åre, Sweden, and founded in 1984, Klättermusen is dedicated to making functional, hard-wearing outdoor gear with a focus on sustainability. Not the retroactive greenwashing type of sustainability that you see in marketing campaigns, but meaningful steps toward creating products that are better for the environment. One of the brand’s more recent sustainable initiatives is its use of recycled fishing nets in all of its nylon backpacks. By 2017, Klättermusen will be 100 percent fluorocarbon free.

Both the clothing and packs from Klättermusen are notable. The clothing, particularly the jackets, is marked by innovative features like asymmetrical zippers, easily accessible trail map pockets and a built-in whistle and compass. The packs are just as innovative, featuring a hip belt clasp that can be detached easily in an emergency and shoulder pads that are ergonomically shaped to sit better on your shoulders than anything else on the market.

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