Hurry and Grab One of These Uniquely-Engineered Beanies While They Last

This handsome beanie is made from a combination of soft Rambouillet wool and engineered spider silk.


Earlier this year, Bolt Threads — a company that engineers textiles from naturally-derived proteins — acquired NYC-based outdoor brand Best Made Co, and the fruits of that ownership are starting to pay off with a new, (very) limited-run beanie created by the two brands. The Cap of Courage is made from a unique blend of Rambouillet wool, and “Microsilk,” a protein fiber engineered by Bolt Threads with the same molecular structure as spider silk.

Bolt Threads maintains that synthetic spider silk will be the future of menswear thanks to a high tensile strength, elasticity and a soft feel. It certainly seems fitting for a beanie, and the end result is a unique, winter-ready garment made from naturally-derived materials. The cap is currently available in a selection of colorful striped patterns at Best Made Co.’s site, though given that only 100 caps total will be made, they’re selling out fast. Move quickly if you’re interested.

Buy Now: $198

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