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When it comes to hoodies, you can never have too many. That said, most people have that one go-to piece that they find themselves reaching for as soon as temperatures cool. For those who are looking for an upgrade on their usual go-to – look no further than Goldwin’s Brushed Loopback Hoodie.

The soft, durable hooded sweatshirt is designed to stay fluffy wear after wear. It’s constructed with a brushed backside woven with a unique loopwheel knitting machine. The result? A premium sweatshirt formulated to fit – and feel – better with each wear.

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The Backstory

Goldwin: A Brand Built to Bring You Back to Nature

For over 70 years, Goldwin has created products designed to help bring its fans back to nature. The brand believes that "the greatest innovations are born from what nature teaches us," which is why it’s committed to creating gear that can help you enjoy everything this world has to offer all year long.

Boasting everything from summery t-shirts to durable insulated jackets, Goldwin empowers wearers to hit the trail regardless of the season. Now, its wide range of comfortable mid-layers makes it even easier to gear up in colder months.

The brand’s mid-layers are made with competitive, technical fabrics like POLARTEC Micro Fleece and SOLOTEX. Both are soft, premium textiles designed to help keep you warm between your favorite pieces. Meanwhile, the company’s Brushed Loopback Cotton is a rather unique material. It’s knitted on a special machine only found in Wakayama, Japan – and it’s only possible to create about one yard of the material every hour.

Now, Goldwin’s new Brushed Loopback Hoodie bears the material’s name proudly – as you can see, there's plenty to be proud of.

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The Gist

What Makes Goldwin’s Brushed Loopback Hoodie Stand Out?

At its core, a good hoodie must always be comfortable. That’s why the brand chose cuffs, hems and side panels designed to fit better and never impede movement. On top of that, Goldwin chose flat seam sewing to optimize the fit further. The soft Brushed Loopback Hoodie also promises outstanding breathability thanks to organic cotton and a ribbed structure applied across the garment.

Meanwhile, the hoodie’s Brushed Loopback Cotton remains highly robust, tear-resistant and equipped to retain its shape after repeated washing. The material is also extremely soft and reads like traditional fleece while providing extra warmth on even the coldest winter days.


The Brushed Loopback Hoodie is a Sturdy Piece for Everyday

While the best winter layers are built to keep you cozy, the ones you’ll really, really want to wear every day should also look great. Thanks to creative tailoring and an optimized fit, Goldwin’s Brushed Loopback Hoodie is designed to help you look and feel your best in colder weather.

Looking to layer up further? Check out all of Goldwin’s favorite mid-layers today. With everything from packable pieces to two-layer jackets, you’ll always be able to find a piece to pair with this hoodie. But if you’re just looking for one standout piece to wear all year round, look no further than the Brushed Loopback Hoodie.

Price: $280


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