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Take It From a Glasses Wearer: Warby Parker Gift Cards Are Excellent, Totally Underrated Gifts

More glasses are better than one — or none.


I’ve worn glasses for most of my life — coming up on 25 years now — and it can get old. Contacts aren’t a serious option for me since I have pretty sensitive eyes (though I haven’t tried lately), so I’m left bespectacled. One remedy I’ve found for the existential eyeglass dread is to have great glasses, and for years now I’ve gone to Warby Parker for my (sometimes annual) fix.

That’s not the only reason a person might need or want glasses, of course. A lot of folks love wearing one or several pairs; no doubt you know people who are proud to be glasses wearers and whose style is inseparable from their specs. I dig that attitude too, and sometimes swap out my current pair for an older, boxier frame or the round titanium pair I wore for a long time. Regardless, mine are all Warby Parker, all great-looking, all affordable. In fact, by my count, the Watts frames I’m wearing now are my sixth pair of WP frames, including one pair of very much missed, recently-lost prescription sunglasses (yes, I looked everywhere).

At $95 including standard prescription lenses, there is almost no better way to pick up a pair of modern frames. (Full disclosure: my prescription usually necessitates I pay 30 bucks extra for lens thickness reduction.) So if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member and are currently stumped, I absolutely suggest a WP gift certificate — even the minimum $50 card will go far, and there’s an email-able option for a time-sensitive gift. In the event that your giftee doesn’t have poor eyesight (please convey to them that I am jealous), who couldn’t use affordable, stylish sunglasses?

There’s no need to go to a store — pick five frames online and they’ll send you a box for home try-on, free of charge. There’s a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy. There’s a one-year scratch-free guarantee (I just took advantage of this – my lenses were scratched at 11.5 months and were replaced completely free of charge). Plus, per Warby Parker, “for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.” It’s an unexpected, risk-free gift just about anyone can use and love. Even glasses grumps like me.

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