Stay Ready for Anything in This Full Body GORE-TEX Suit

What makes the Backcountry Gore-TEX Pro Cardiac Kit worth talking about –– by Gear Patrol Studios.

backcountry gore tex pro cardiac kit

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When it comes to outdoor gear, the pros at Backcountry have all bases and all seasons covered, from curating only the best products and brands to creating high-grade apparel and equipment of their own. Backcountry’s Backcountry Gore-TEX Pro Cardiac Kit for men and women is a prime example of the brand's gear and apparel prowess and offers ultimate protection when there's snow to explore or storms a-brewin'. The succinct collection comprises durable, weather- and waterproof bib pants and jackets; both pieces are reinforced throughout for optimal coverage and together can stand up to any storm.

nils mindnich, riding powder in argentina in the backcountry cadiac kit

The Backstory

Backcountry: Gear for Every Season, Sport and Climate

Backcountry began in Park City, Utah, and has since spread operations across the United States and into Costa Rica and Germany. With each new outpost comes keen insights into what enthusiasts of all stripes and interests demand from their gear – a result of that research, Pro Cardiac Kit is built to perform.

Both in and out of seasons that demand technical, waterproof layers, Backcountry delivers at every turn. The company makes it easy to shop by activity, even in niche categories like snowshoeing, fly fishing and even dog gear. No matter what you’re looking for, you will find the answer at Backcountry.

The Gist

Cardiac Collection: Why GORE-TEX?

First things first – what is GORE-TEX, and how does it work? First invented in 1969, the highly technical material incredibly blocks water while remaining highly breathable. The secret to its effectiveness is the structure of the material itself rather than, say, a coating applied to a product after production. "There are nine billion pores on every square inch of the GORE-TEX membrane, and each of these pores is 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet." This construction means no liquid water to pass through but water vapor can move freely: no rain gets in, but humidity created by your body heat all gets out. Moreover, GORE-TEX is also very lightweight, durable and windproof.

So yes, apparel, footwear and gear lined with GORE-TEX will always – but a full GORE-TEX suit? Now you’re talking.

Backcountry's Cardiac jacket features a GORE-TEX laminate and fully-sealed seams for extra waterproofing. It’s lined with a stretch face fabric that will move with you and is equipped with an adjustable (helmet-compatible) two-way hood.

The bib pants feature reinforced ripstop along the lower legs to resist abrasions. Adjustable suspender straps are detachable, and knee-to-chest side zips allow for ample airflow (and more convenient pit stops). Additionally, Kevlar kick patches will stand up to pesky boot buckles and board edges to ensure these pants never give out.


An Amazing Waterproof Suit for Skiing, Snowboarding and Stormy Weather

Thanks to unmatched waterproofing, the Backcountry Gore-TEX Pro Cardiac Kit means more adventures and less worrying about the weather and the wet. Keep this rainy- or snowy-day option in your back pocket – well, the back of your closet – and pummel down mountains, coast on some powder or hike through some swampy backcountry without a second thought.

Purpose-built to keep you adventuring, the Gore-TEX Pro Cardiac Kit is storm insurance that you'll actually want to use over and again.

Price: Jacket $549; Bib Pants: $499


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