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Halfdays is Leading the Charge for Women-Centric Ski Gear

What makes Halfdays' Alessandra Pant worth talking about — by Gear Patrol Studios.

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Those who know, know that when you look good, you feel good and you ski better.

Many outdoor clothing brands focus their designs, marketing and performance functions around male bodies, but female-centric fashion brands don’t always have the right insights to keep women warm and comfortable in the elements. Halfdays, however, said why can’t women have both technical winter layers and eye-catching styles? The result is some of the best women’s snow gear on the market, in the most instagram-worthy silhouettes.

One clear standout? The brand's Alessandra Pant, which we happily call 'ready for anything.'

woman sitting down next to ski gear wearing halfdays alessandra pant

The Backstory

Halfdays is for the Girls

Halfdays was founded by three (female) outdoor lifestyle experts, including Kylie McKinnon who competed in Freestyle Skiing at the 2018 Olympics. Women-led, their ethos is all about blending fashion with function, creating products that fit well, look great, perform in the elements, and remain sustainably produced. Through their brand, Halfdays aims to create a ski community that inspires more women to get outside and relieves the pressure from male-centric “hardcore” ski culture.

From aesthetic “Halfdays Ski Club” merch, to seamless base layers and city-friendly parkas, they have a little bit of everything you need for winter, but more than anything – Halfdays really shines in their technical gear.

The Gist

These Pants are Prepared for Anything

The Alessandra Pant is a snow pant that won’t make you feel like an abominable snowman. They’re ultra flattering and fitted, but still well insulated, so they’ll keep you warm without requiring too many extra layers underneath.

When choosing pair of ski pants, the first thing to prioritize is insulation. After that, make sure to find a pair of firmly waterproof pants. The Alessandra excels here with a 10,000mm waterproof rating, Aquaguard zippers and fully taped seams, which can keep you dry even in the soggiest of conditions.

However, our favorite part of the Alessandra pant (and all Halfdays products) might be its wide range of color options. From basic black to alpenglow pink, there’s a color for everyone. Most of these colors are available across product collections too, meaning you can seamlessly match your jacket, baselayer and pants to create a head-turning monochromatic look.


The Alessandra Pant is the Only Snow Pant You Need

The Alessandra Pant unquestionably looks and feels good on, but when trying them out on the slopes what surprised me was Halfday's attention to detail – which clearly demonstrates a skier was involved in the design.

While some might ditch a jacket after a few sweaty laps, few will totally strip down to their base layers, which is why the vents on the Alessandra Pant are so essential. The perfectly symmetrical vents are located on the inside of the thighs, exactly where you’re going to feel the sweatiest, allowing wearers to get a little extra wind flow when (and where) they need it. On top of that, the pant includes deep zippered pockets so you know your valuables won’t go flying (even when you do) and an adjustable velcro waistband to ensure a perfect fit for any body type.

Pair these pants with the Lawrence Jacket (which is cleverly equipped with a built-in cell phone leash and goggle wipe) and you’ll have an essentially flawless winter kit fit for any kind of adventure.

Price: $245


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