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With New Collection, Gap Explores One-of-a-Kind Basics

Unique patchwork pieces sewn in the Gap New York City design studio.


Gap’s new collection of patchwork basics pays homage to the brand’s iconic logo. Made up of crew necks sweatshirts, hoodies, tees, caps and bags, each garment highlights different iterations of its lettering over the years. “We have always played with patchwork detailing at Gap, from patchwork denim to patchwork shirting,” said Wendi Goldman, Gap’s Chief Product Officer. “It seemed like a natural fit in our aesthetic to celebrate our brand’s history by piecing together Gap’s logos from the past for the Logo Remix collection.”

The highlight of the release is a mini-collection comprised of one-off patchwork pieces sewn in the Gap New York City design studio. “We wanted to take this concept to the next level for the Limited Edition 30-piece capsule by deconstructing and remixing vintage Gap logo pieces that each have their own unique history,” Goldman said. “Next to sourcing each piece from our archives and beyond, the biggest challenge was deciding which silhouettes, colorways and logos played well with others and hand sewing these garments back together to create truly one-of-a-kind beautiful yet wearable pieces.”

While this type of construction may stem from Gap’s history, it also draws on a wider trend. A number of Japanese brands have focused on similar one-of-a-kind remakes. Most notably, Kapital, whose Kountry line has featured patchwork sweatshirts and tees for years. Other Japanese sub-brands that typify the style are Rebuild by Needles, Modified by Mihara Yasuhiro and OldPark, among others. Domestically, L.A.-based designer Greg Lauren produces pieced-together rebuilt garments that often juxtapose disparate styles (technical outerwear and faded denim, worn army coats and varsity jackets).

Due to the detail and rigor of manufacturing, remade garments can be prohibitively expensive, and the scarcity of these pieces drives up prices on the second-hand market. Good news for fans of Gap: the Logo Remix Collection offers t-shirts for $40 and sweatshirts starting at $70. The limited-edition sweatshirts retail for $178 online, but offer exclusivity not found in the main collection. While more expensive than your standard issue Gap garment, they provide a gateway into the world of one-of-a-kind patchwork construction.

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