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If You Have An Away Carry-On, You Should Know About Delta’s New Power Bank Policy

Delta announced a change to its carry-on policy and Away wants to make sure you’re compliant if you own one of its suitcases. Here’s what you need to know.


While all airlines prohibit checking a battery pack, Delta changed its rules to stipulate you must be able to remove the battery from your carry-on. If you’re an owner of an older Away suitcase (they’ve been around since February 2016, so it’s a relative term), you might have to unzip the inside lining to remove the battery — meaning you’ll want to do this before you leave for the airport. The brand has since updated the battery, so it easily pops out of the suitcase. If you have an older model, the Away team is working on a solution to provide everyone with an ejectable battery come spring. Sign up in the link below for updates.

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