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These Trippy Tees Are Made from Organic Cotton

Available in five colors.


Maybe our volatile political climate is helping to revive the counter-culture style of the ’60s, or maybe it’s the surge of Dead and Co. shows, but whatever the reason, tie-dye shirts have made a strong showing in recent years. Everyone from GQ to the Wall Street Journal has noticed the proliferation of the style, from bootleg tour shirts to small-batch luxury tees. And with Outerknown’s new line of tie-dye styles, their moment isn’t showing any sign of slowing.

The California-based brand’s organic cotton Trippy Tee comes in five different colors and is cut, sewn and dyed in America. Unlike the kaleidoscopic rainbow-colored tees you may picture when you think of traditional versions, Outerknown’s shirts feature just one muted dye color per shirt. This straightforward approach showcases the dye pattern and makes the shirt infinitely more versatile: paired with some faded jeans, the look is laid back but doesn’t scream Haight-Ashbury. Retailing for $58, these shirts also uphold Outerknown’s commitments to sustainability and ethical manufacturing, so you don’t have to feel bad about the good vibes.

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Trippy Tee (Indigo) by Outerknown $58

Trippy Tee (Tarmac Grey) by Outerknown $58

Trippy Tee (Aster) by Outerknown $58

Trippy Tee (Navy) by Outerknown $58

Trippy Tee (Smoke) by Outerknown $58

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