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These New Fleeces Are Surprisingly Affordable

A pullover, a half-zip and a full-zip.


Bay Area clothing brand Everlane just added three new fleeces to its sustainable ReNew collection. Surprisingly affordable, the styles include a pullover, a half-zip and a full-zip that cost $80 or less. Earlier this fall, the brand announced that it would redevelop all of its existing yarns and fabrics containing virgin synthetic fibers with renewed equivalents. Its foray into this mission is the ReNew collection, which uses recycled alternatives to polyester.

Each of the new fleeces is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, save the zippers and trim (apparently a work in progress). Each style utilizes fleece made with between 35 and 41 bottles. It’s a complicated process: bottles are cleaned and shredded into tiny flakes which are then melted. The liquid plastic is then formed into long strands and is diced into crystals. The resulting crystals are again melted down and extruded into super-fine thread which is knit and woven into polyester fabric.

The resulting product is incredibly soft, warm and durable. The best part, along with the sustainability, is the price point — these are wardrobe staples that won’t break the bank.

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ReNew Fleece Sweatshirt by Everlane $60

ReNew Fleece Half Zip by Everlane $70

ReNew Fleece Zip by Everlane $80

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