These No Nonsense Gloves Sets Have Everything You Need

Roughout leather gloves or mittens, mil-spec liners, Sno-Seal and more.


Manhattan-based brand Gary LLC is offering some no-nonsense glove sets that have everything you need this winter. The packages are modestly priced and range from $90 to $120 depending on the contents. A standard set includes the following: a pair of American-made heavyweight roughout leather gloves or mittens, a pair of mil-spec wool-blend glove liners, Sno-Seal to help waterproof the leather and a sachet of Palo Santo to keep your the wool liners moth-free.

The sets come in either tan leather with dark green wool or black leather with black wool. While the prices don’t vary that much, the more expensive options include gloves with fastenings across the back of the wrist and the lower price sets don’t have Sno-Seal. All options, though, do have the essentials for keeping your hands protected and warm this winter, no matter the conditions.

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