Combat Blue Light Harm and Look Good in the Process

Felix Gray makes blue light filtering glasses that are the perfect balance between a clear and effective lens for everyday wear.


If you’re anything like the average American adult, you probably spend at least eight hours a day staring at screens that constantly emit blue light. Blue light can have unpleasant side effects: eye strain, headaches, blurry vision, sleep cycle disruption, eye fatigue and even long-term consequences from prolonged exposure. Felix Gray has designed some of the highest quality blue light-filtering glasses out there to help keep your peepers happy, healthy and productive.

Felix Gray’s proprietary blue light-filtering technology is derived from a naturally occurring ocular pigment to protect against digital eye strain without distorting color — 93 percent of Felix Gray customers report an improvement in their digital eye strain symptoms. The lenses are housed in beautiful, handcrafted Italian acetate and German metals for the perfect blend of fashion and function. Available in both prescription and non-prescription, styles like the Roebling and Nash are some of our favorites to keep your eyes safe and you looking good.

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