These Shirts Are a New Take on a Classic Style

Palermo Prints is making screen-printed cotton shirts with designs inspired by the Argentinian landscape.

Palermo Prints is the brainchild of Ryan Volatile and John Tarantino, the latter of which founded Martenero Watches, one of our favorite boutique watch brands based right here in NYC. The project was conceived after Volatile and Tarantino realized that while there were plenty of options for both plain dress shirts and louder, more casual shirts, there wasn’t much territory in the middle.

Palermo Prints’ shirts are inspired by the landscape of Argentina, where they’re cut, printed and sown. The offerings consist of 3 collections: the Mar, which features designs from the Patagonian sea, including a penguin, wave and whale’s tail; the Norteña, which features rock formations, llama and desert plants; and the Montaña, which features icons from the Andes, including a mountain peak, a condor and a mountain lion. Each collection is available in white, light blue and dark blue and in M, L and XL sizes. The shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and screen-printed in Argentina.

If you’re into the idea of a fun, casual shirt but don’t necessarily vibe with the average Polo or J.Crew-based offering, Palermo Prints provides a good alternative. We got to try out some prototypes here at GP and they’re comfortable, well-made, and fun (keep in mind that the production models will feature a slim-fit cut).

Palermo Prints is launching on Kickstarter with a campaign duration of 30 days and a price of $49, with deliver slated for mid-November, 2019. After the conclusion of the campaign, the shirts will retail for $75.

Learn More: Here

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