Zebra Sharbo X LT3 Pen

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Not long ago, we highlighted a very rare and extinct pen called the Rotring 600 Trio. Combining two pens and a pencil, the Rotring Trio became a personal favorite. Discontinued a number of years ago, the pen still commands a staggering price on eBay. Both times we’ve featured the pen, we’ve received a number of emails asking where to get it. Given that the Rotring is difficult to find and prohibitively priced,- we set out to find our readers a worthy and more accessible option: the Zebra Sharbo X LT3 Pen ($50)

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Our search quickly led us to one of our favorite writing implement stores, the fantastic Jet Pens, and a pen from where else but Japan called the Zebra Sharbo X. The Sharbo combines many of the elements that made the Rotring Trio a winner, but with a decidedly more Japanese design as opposed to the Rotring’s German design.

It features an all brass body, with a matte finish available in a number of colors. Inside, the Zebra allows you to customize the three different writing implements contained within. Select from a multitude of pens inserts in various colors and widths in either gel pen (our personal choice) or ball point, even the mechanical pencil comes in different lead weights.

Regardless of what you choose, you can change it out at any time too depending on your writing needs. Our setup: inks and a pencil combo to contrast with the set up of our Rotring. There’s a nice heft to the pen too, it’s substantial without being too heavy, writes with precision, and the tri-pen mechanism works flawlessly. The only problem? Roommates and coworkers with an inclination for nice pens.

Buy Now: $50

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