Will Leather Goods Hemingway Duffle

A bag well traveled


Whether it was his ability to translate experience into Nobel Prize winning prose or the way he went about his exploits in our world, few names stir the spirit of adventure like Hemingway. While labeling luggage after the intrepid traveller may sound good in Monday morning marketing circles, the bag better be able to survive two successive plane crashes. Based out of Eugene Oregon, Will Leather Goods produces craft accessories designed to stand the test of time. The Hemingway Duffle ($350) is the latest offering from Will, and it is worthy of sporting Papa’s moniker. Made of vegetable tanned leather, 18 oz cotton canvas and steel molded hardware the Hemingway will should improve with age; extra rivets, box stitching and leather corner reinforcement make it a duffle that can. While most bags are cranked out over 75 steps along the factory floor, each Will Leather Goods bag takes an average of 139 steps to keep things lean and tight, just like Hemingway’s prose.

Buy Now: $350

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