DQM Chinook Cooler Bag



We can’t count the number of times we’ve lugged brew or beef to a party and couldn’t find a practical and stylish way to bring over the goods. Somehow a heavy hard-sided cooler or the all-embarrassing plastic grocery bag just don’t cut the mustard. The DQM Chinook Cooler Bag holds a six twelve-pack of suds and keeps them clandestine until drink time. Made with beautiful military green, heavy gauge 14 oz waxed canvas and serious cargo capacity, we like to think it’s named after the workhorse Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter. With long 13″ handles that ensure a secure hold on “the goods”, heat seams and inner padding, handy D-ring for clipping keys and an inner pocket for other small items, this is the smart man’s beer tote. To boot, you can also hold hot items, so your beef brisket can also endure transport for rapid consumption by your adoring fans.

Buy Now: $128

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