From the Streets to the Slopes, These Sunglasses Have You Covered

No matter what your style preferences are, heritage brand Vuarnet has the perfect sunglasses to complete your winter kit.


When it comes to quality optics brands with a storied history, one brand stands above the rest: Vuarnet. The brand was started when Roger Pouilloux, a pioneering French optician and French ski champion, Jean Vuarnet came together during the 1960 Winter Olympics. Vuarnet wore the model 02, now the brand’s signature style. When Vuarnet won the Gold Medal in downhill, the two decided to build a brand based not only on the victory, but on quality optics that don’t sacrifice on style. Today, its lenses are made from Vuarnet’s own mineral glass that it produces outside of Paris. They offer excellent protection against harmful UV rays and are perfect for everyday use.

To help you get kitted up for winter, we’ve selected the most important styles from Vuarnet’s current line. Whether you’re heading up to the mountains for a weekend ski vacation or simply running errands around the city, these essentials will keep your eyes protected and your style top-shelf.

In addition to shopping Vuarnet’s products online, you can also check out the brand’s New York boutique at 39 Spring Street.

Glacier 1315 Medium

While the Glacier 1315’s roots are in a traditional mountaineering frame, the style is perhaps better known these days for its appearances on the silver screen. These sunglasses made appearances in both Spectre (on the face of Daniel Craig as James Bond), and Everest on the face of Jake Gyllenhaal. But beyond the silver screen and the peaks of some of the world’s highest mountains, the Glacier 1315 also found a home on stage, in front of the eyes of Miles Davis.

BUY NOW: $640

Ice 1709 Medium

The Ice is a newer frame for Vuarnet, but it still stays true to the brand’s roots. It has the tech-forward features from the Glacier but blends them with distinctly urban aesthetics so that they fit right in no matter your surroundings. The frame features performance nylon construction, removable protective side shields, removable center bridge and stainless steel spring hinges.

BUY NOW: $280+

Legend 03

If you thought the film credits stopped with the Glacier 1315, you couldn’t be more wrong. The Legend 03 reached new heights of cult film fame when they adorned the face of Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski. But don’t let the lackadaisical nature of Bridges’s character fool you into thinking these shades don’t work hard. They were inspired by the style that the US Air Force pilots wore, hence the straight lines and oversized square shape.

BUY NOW: $220+

Vintage Logo Sweatshirt

Whether on the mountain or off, Vuarnet’s Logo Sweatshirt brings equally heavy doses of style and vintage comfort. The 100 percent cotton sweatshirt is slim fit, so keep that in mind when sizing. It features the vintage Vuarnet logo on the front, with “It’s a Vuarnet Day” emblazoned on the back.

BUY NOW: $65

Snow Goggles

If you’re in the market for a new snow goggle this season, the Vuarnet Snow Goggles are worth a look. Unlike many googles on the market, Vuarnet’s version is refined and distinct. Like the brand’s other offerings, they stay true to its roots, but push the techincal side forward. They feature an anti-fog, cyclindrical double polycarbonate lens that offers an obstructed view and if you need it, they’re also available with prescription inserts.

BUY NOW: $195+

Legend 02

The 02 is the foundational style from Vuarnet. It was the brand’s first silhouette, and its aesthetics hold up as well today as they did in 1960. Pair them with an active day on the slopes or cuffed denim in the city.

BUY NOW: $220+

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