David Lynch’s Sunglasses Are Just as Esoteric and Cool as You’d Expect

Desirable both in terms of style and performance.


Welcome to Style Spotting, a recurring column highlighting unique clothing and accessories worn by some of the most stylish men we know. This week: David Lynch’s Serengeti Eyewear’s Serengeti DR 6227 sunglasses .

On November 3, actor Kyle MacLachlan posted a photo on Instagram with David Lynch highlighting the artist-filmmaker’s upcoming installation at Sperone Westwater Gallery titled Squeaky Flies in the Mud. In the photo, Lynch is wearing a long black topcoat, a black shirt buttoned to the neck and a pair of black aviator-style sunglasses with red lenses. While Lynch’s clothing is par for the course, the shades are actually pretty esoteric.

The vintage sunglasses — made either in Japan or France depending on the year — are Serengeti DR 6227s. They feature a matte-black graphite frame with a black metal bridge and ear stems. Notably, the rounded lenses were manufactured by Corning Optics. The scratch-resistant glass lenses are polarized, photochromic and include a spectral control filter that enhances contrast by suppressing blue light and glare. They’re also impact resistant and have a polyurethane back coating for protection.

Over the years, Serengeti has produced numerous aviator-esque styles fit for outdoorsmen and drivers, but the DR 6227 is hard to come by on the vintage market. The black rounded frame and the superior rose lenses make these shades a desirable find both in terms of style and performance. If you’re lucky enough to find a pair, pick them up before someone else does.

Buy Now: $285

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