The Perfect Selection of Montblanc Fragrances for the Holidays

Montblanc’s scents capture masculine ideals and help give a deep texture to anyone on your holiday gift list.


Gifting a scent can be tricky, so this holiday season Montblanc is trying to make it a bit easier on you. Purveyors of some of the finest colognes you can spray, Montblanc captures masculine ideals and helps add a layer of deep texture and intrigue to your daily routine. We rounded up the storied Montblanc brand’s best colognes for any kind of guy — from the sophisticated to the adventurous. Here is what defines these colognes, and who they are best suited for on your holiday gift list.

Montblanc Explorer


To create the distinct, woody aroma of the Explorer, Montblanc used only premium elements. Italian bergamot offers the energetic and uplifting side, Haitian vetiver presents smoky hues and the body of the scent is buoyed by Patchouli. Explorer is a scent that can make every day an adventure.

Buy Now: $98

Montblanc Legend


Legend simultaneously expresses strength and softness through its complex makeup. The first notes are lightly aromatic, with lavender, bergamot and pineapple leaves. The middle oakmoss-like notes give the Legend a warm depth. If you are looking for a gift for that enigmatic charmer in your life, Legend will soon be his go-to.

Buy Now: $92

Montblanc Gift Set


The Montblanc Gift Set features an array of the Explorer scent’s other offerings — from a 3.3 oz bottle of the cologne to an aftershave balm and a smaller travel spray. Each feature Montblanc’s Explorer scent, perfect for adventurers. With the Gift Set, you can give even more of the Explorer’s aromatic leather scents this holiday season.

Buy Now: $100

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