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Test Down Jackets Before Buying in This Artificial Blizzard

Woolrich’s Snow Room at its flagship store in NYC was built with Italian company Techno Alpin.


On December 11, American outdoor brand Woolrich launched its Snow Room experience at its flagship store in NYC. In the back of the brand’s Wooster-street store, past an installation by artist Joshua Vides depicting a graphic-like holiday home, a large glass-windowed room is full of birch trees and snow.

The Snow Room was built in partnership with Italian company Techno Alpin and is the perfect setting to test down jackets. Its blizzard-like atmosphere has temperatures as low as -20° Celsius and it can produce surprisingly realistic falling snow and ice.

If a customer is thinking about purchasing a down jacket, Woolrich recommends a 5-minute stay in the Snow Room. The brand’s coats are designed for certain low temperatures and include weather-beating materials like Gore-Tex, so a short test will reveal if it’s actually the right jacket for a customer (some people run hotter and some run colder).

The Snow Room is a unique experience to Woolrich and provides customers realtime feedback to help make an informed purchase — it’s what sets brick-and-mortar retail apart.

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