You’ll Want to Wear This Comfy, Custom Tee Every Day

Constructed of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, with water-based screen printed ink, mounted collar construction, and blind stitch sleeves and hem, this tee has a refined and timeless look and feel.

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In 2013, Knickerbocker took over a 60-year-old factory building on the border of Brooklyn and Queens. At first, the brand focused on low quantity production, bringing to life the designs of small shops and studios. Soon, the brand expanded, producing sportswear designs under its own label and collaborations with big NYC brands, like The Times, starting in 2016. Expansion was slow, though, because the brand – which focuses on responsible sourcing and environmental-mindedness – felt at times, ironically, “guilt-ridden” for bringing more clothes to the marketplace. However, it was this commitment to protecting the world we love to explore that led Gear Patrol to partner with Knickerbocker to create our new Overland Tee. Illustrated by the talented, Portland-based Joshua Minnich, the shirt features the Land Rover Defender, a vehicle that sits at the pinnacle of life’s perpetual “want list.” It’s an icon for us that goes beyond car or shirt; the Overland Tee is a comfortable shirt designed to bring together enthusiasts, outdoorsmen, and escapists to push for pursuits of all stripes.

1. Fit and Feel:
This shirt is a part of Knickerbocker’s new “Made in Portugal” series. It’s constructed of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, with water-based screen printed ink, mounted collar construction, and blind stitch sleeves and hem, giving it a refined and timeless look. This tee is mid-weight, soft, and runs slightly small to size.
2. Sustainability and Transparency:
It’d be almost impossible to track back the origin of every uncut, raw material used during production, but Knickerbocker collects (and publishes) as much information as they can about their business partners at every level of their supply chain, and they stand behind their partners and their stance on sustainability in manufacturing.
3. Progress:
Knickerbocker is constantly jet setting around the globe to find new factories, suppliers, and opportunities that align with their mission. Recently, the brand introduced “Made in Portugal,” which uses a central supply chain to reduce waste and environmental impacts. Eventually, the company plans to become 100% “Made in America” – it’s just a matter of finding production partners that live up to Knickerbocker’s standards.

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