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19 Style Releases We’ve Been Daydreaming About All Week

From really happy sweatpants to a wild Barbour collab to seriously underpriced selvedge jeans and much more.


Here at Gear Patrol’s Style Desk, it might look like I’m just shopping all day. You’re not wrong, but I like to think I was hired for this skill. Yes, skill. My resumé even says I’m proficient at it, along with Excel. It was a skill that I mastered while working private practice as a retail therapist.

My expertise in curation has led both me and you here, to a list of the best style releases of the week. Sure, my eyes are bigger than my wallet, but this is where I offload my excess browser tabs and pass them on to you. This time, it’s hand-blocked batik shirt jackets, badass sandals that could scale a mountain if you need them to, ’50s-style bowling shirts and much more.

Uniqlo Oversized Polo

“Hi, Dad. Can you please send me one of your old polo shirts? They’re cool now.”

Buy Now: $30

New Balance PROCTCCA

Is pairing these very regular (not a bad thing) sneakers with that polo a little on the nose or a little on the money?

Buy Now: $89

CHUP Loch No-Show Socks

You and your lover: the only two people who should see what these socks look like.

Buy Now: $30

Thom Browne Striped Cotton Shirt

Thom Browne gets its dyes from the same vendor as Smarties.

Buy Now: $490

Études x SSENSE Black Denim Bleached Corner Jacket

The only other acceptable use of bleach.

Buy Now: $475

Bianca Saunders Wrapped-waist Cotton Trousers

Part skirt, part apron, part cargo pant, part chinos, part of my wardrobe.

Buy Now: $626

Naissance Shirt Jacket in Relief-Dyed Patterned Lightweight Cotton

Two artisanal dyeing techniques make for one insane jacket.

Buy Now: $375

Kassl Editions Large Trench Bag

A pillow with handles? Sometimes, you gotta take your naps on the go.

Buy Now: $430

RRL Indigo Koi-Print Denim Shirt

My favorite Hawaiian shirt this season is not a Hawaiian shirt.

Buy Now: $490

Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Graphic T-Shirt

Inspired by vintage football tees, this is the ideal shade of green with the perfect amount of distressing.

Buy Now: $60

Kapital Eco Fleecy Knit 10-Smiles Sweat Pants

However you can, put on a smile.

Buy Now: $275

Unmarked Otzi Sandal

These sandals can kick your sandals’ ass.

Buy Now: $220

Engineered Garments Sonor Shirt Jacket

Because why would you place buttons where they’re supposed to go?

Buy Now: $456

Pherrow’s PTBS-1 Bowling Shirt

Who wants to join my Wii bowling league?

Buy Now: $180

Drop Ibara Slim Rinse Denim

If you have time, read all about these jeans here. If you don’t, The tl:dr is that these jeans should are amazing and seriously underpriced.

Buy Now: $129

Paraboot x Deus Ex Machina Michael

These were the shoes that Elvis was talking about, right?

Buy Now: ~$428

Vinyl Ranch Peace Mask

Giddy up, mask up.

Buy Now: $16

Supreme x Barbour

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens.

Buy Now: $498

Noah More Core Tee

A fresh hit of the ’90s.

Buy Now: $42

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