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13 Great Gifts for Stylish Dads

For all the fashionable father figures in our lives.


For the father figures in our lives that have got more style than most (maybe even more than you’d willingly admit), finding the right gift to suit his sartorial taste can be tricky. That’s why we’ve put together this list of foolproof gifts just for you. From crunchy mules to best-in-class jeans to the perfect fragrance, these are the best gifts to get for stylish dads.

Anonymous Ism Go Hemp Socks

One good pair of socks is worth more than several pairs of cheap socks. Anonymous Ism socks are some of the most revered on the market thanks to their softness, durability and amazing knits.

BUY NOW: $28 (two-pack)

Ashland Leather Co. Lexington Key Case

Ashland Leather Co. specializes in accessories using rare shell cordovan leather in even rarer shades. Its Lexington Key Case keeps all his keys packed away neatly and dashingly. Plus, it’ll protect the pockets on his good pants from getting shredded.

BUY NOW: $35

Kapital Fast Color Selvedge Bandana

Kapital’s known for its far-flung influences, wrapped into one wild collection which has earned itself legions of die-hard fans. Though there’s a lot of great pieces to choose from, you can’t go wrong with one of its bandanas. They come in a wide array of graphics, each one in amazing detail and humor. This one features a sumo wrestler with a tapestry of a back tat. But the best part is all of the dad adages printed throughout the bandana.

BUY NOW: $43

Jungmaven Jung Pocket Tee

This t-shirt is a cut above the usual poly-blend tees you’ll find in family-sized multi-packs stuffed sausage-tight into plastic becasue it’s made from a healthy percentage of hemp, blended with organic cotton. Hefty and soft, all at once, cut into a classic fit, he’ll definitely want another for next Father’s Day.

BUY NOW: $50

Aesop Parley Seed Antioxidant Facial Treatment

We like Aesop for a number of reasons, and the Antioxidant Facial Treatment, in particular, makes a great gift. It’s ripe with anti-oxidants and vitamin E, and just a few drops does the trick. The best part is Dad can simply add it to his existing skincare regimen. If he’s not there already, don’t be surprised if this ends up being his gateway into better skincare.

BUY NOW: $59

Save Khaki Canvas Bucket Hat

Made in the US with premium cotton canvas, Save Khaki’s headwear game is strong. It’s equipped with an adjustable drawcord for a custom fit and comes in a bevy of spring-ready colorways.

BUY NOW: $70

Alex Mill Standard Shirt

He’s likely got the solid button-up shirt covered, so try tossing him something with a classic pattern to switch up his rotation. Alex Mill’s Standard Shirt comes in a range of colors and patterns, each of them in perfectly trim proportions and sublte flex details like reinforced side seams and a locker loop.

BUY NOW: $95

Knickerbocker Core Logo Peddler Bag

Taking after vintage newspaper bags, Knickerbocker’s Peddler Bag is built to handle more than just a paper route. Made from burly 14 ounce cotton canvas, it comes with pockets for a notebook and writing instruments, and it snaps shut for added security.

BUY NOW: $95

Akila Legacy Sunglasses

While we wholeheartedly love the high-end, limited run frames from the likes of Eyevan 7285 and Jacques Marie Mage, you don’t have to spend a wad to get some supremely stylish shades. Akila’s Legacy sunglasses are among its most popular and this classic color is hard to beat.

BUY NOW: $115

Drop Ibara Slim Jeans

It’s hard to get a better deal on a jean this good. If your dad didn’t know any better, he would think you’d spent your money very irresponsibly. Made in Japan, the Ibara Slim Jeans are cut into a perfect relaxed taper, with all the denimhead-approved accoutrements like 15-ounce selvedge denim, hidden rivets and much, much more.

BUY NOW: $129

Birkenstock Boston

Birkenstock’s cool factor seems to ungulate throughout the decades, but the world’s finally settled on the matter. But your dad already knew these were hip from the get-go. Now, swallow the I-told-you-so pill and reach for a pair of the crunchy cool Bostons. The suede gets better with age, like your old man, and the soft foot bed will have his feet stepping in clouds.

BUY NOW: $145

Byredo Mojave Ghost

Style isn’t just a visual medium. Your dad knows this. A top-shelf fragrance is a gift that keeps on giving, especially if you’re within range this fragrance. Byredo’s Mojave Ghost is a captivating eau de parfum that features notes of Jamaican nesberry, violet, sandalwood, chantilly musk and cedarwood. In other words, he’s gonna like it.

BUY NOW: $180

Battenwear Camp Shorts

For hot summer days, a breezy pair of shorts is a must. Battenwear’s Camp Shorts offer made-in-USA construction with water-resistant nylon that’s both tough and somehow really soft. It comes with a built-in belt and very secure pockets so he’ll never lose his keys or wallet again.

BUY NOW: $195

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