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These Are the Style Releases We’re Obsessed About This Week

From tattoo-inspired Vans to lounge-ready shorts and more.


What keeps me going everyday? Three things: 1) coffee, 2) my body still, without my consent, wakes me up every day and I have no control over that, and 3) the latest style releases. Once I’ve been awakened and fueled by my go-juice, I careen through the pages of the internet to see what new drops await me.

This week, the latest and greatest did not disappoint. Three-way sneaker collabs, avant-garde summerwear, cotton-candy-colored CBD-fueled tees (not kidding) and more made it into this week’s best-of.

Akila Legacy Sunglasses

Akila’s endlessly hip Legacy sunglasses get a shiny new coat of paint.

Learn More: Here

Vans x Neighborhood x Mr.Cartoon Old Skool Sneaker

A three-way joint with the preeminent SoCal sneaker brand, Japanese Americana-streetwear brand Neighborhood and contemporary artist Mr. Cartoon. Kids have been customizing their Vans for decades with sharpies, and this is what a professional tattoo artist can do.

Learn More: Here

18 East June Drop

If you’re reading this, it’s (probably) too late. NYC-based 18 East has been beating their own drum in the menswear world and everyone’s nodding their heads to the rhythm. Much of the drop features clothes made from the scraps of past collections with a dash of ’90s skate-inspired new-new mixed in. Also in the mix is a new graphic tee with positive vibes. From 18 East’s designer, Antonio Ciongoli, “‘The sun will rise’ is basically our brand mantra at this point. Just trying to speak better times into existence.”

Learn More: Here

Beams x END. 15th Anniversary Collection

UK menswear retailer END. Clothing turns 15 years old and its celebrating with venerated Japanese brand Beams. The collection takes classic Beams pieces like its patchwork aran-knit cardigan and corduroy button-down shirt and renders it all in a greyscale colorway.

Learn More: Here

Extra Vitamins x Recess

On the opposite end of the visible light spectrum, my favorite hemp-infused fizzy drink just collaborated with New York brand Extra Vitamins for a trippy set of tees that’s CBD and THC-free.

Learn More: Here

Zam Barrett Protological Archetype Shirt

Known for his avant-garde designs with natural fabrics, anatomical patterns and raw edges, Zam Barrett’s Protological Archetype Shirt takes a summery turn.

Buy Now: $501

General Admission Leisure Shorts

‘Leisure shorts’ is a bit redundant. I’m not trying to make any business deals in these worn-in paint-splattered cozy boys any time soon.

Buy Now: $90

Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket in Indigo Boss Duck

Taylor Stitch’s popular trucker jacket gets a rendition in its tough Boss Duck fabric.

Buy Now: $PRICE

Feit One Strap Sandal

Like Crocs sandals? Upgrade to these.

Buy Now: $400

Alledjo Corrosol Silk Shirt

Opaque clothing is over.

Buy Now: ~$185

Dr. Martens x Pleasures 1460 Boot

This collab is like if The Germs and The Clash formed a super group.

Learn More: Here

Iron Heart IH-555S-WH Jeans

We taught you how to wear white jeans. These don’t need to be babied, especially at 21 ounces.

Buy Now: $345

Noma T.D. Tie-Dye Shell Shorts

Okay, we know that we bombard you with tie-dye, but it doesn’t have to be vibrant to be cool…

Buy Now: $349

Eckhaus Latta Marble-Print Wide-Leg Jeans

…Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Buy Now: $PRICE

Alex Mill Short Striped Sleeve popover Shirt

Awnings make for some pretty cool shirts.

Buy Now: $85

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