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Dockers Men of Style: Michael Williams

It’s hard to hide from denim. It’s everywhere, an absolute staple of most of what men wear.

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It’s hard to hide from denim. It’s everywhere, an absolute staple of most of what men wear. But what about khakis? How about the nonconformist? Proof is in the stitching for Dockers, whose Alpha Khaki has proved a worthy replacement to the tired pair of jeans. The Alphas take what we love about great denim (proper construction and aging) and offer up a well-priced alternative. Priced so well, in fact, that it’s a no-brainer to pick up a few pairs in varying washes and colors to suit the mood.

In a continuation of the Dockers “Men of Style” series, which asks seasoned sartorialists for insight into what they love and what they wear, Dockers points a lens on Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean. The short doc (which you’ll only see here) trails Mr. Williams, an Ohio native, menswear fixture, and at the esoteric center of menswear and Americana, as he visits Los Angeles’ iconic Griffith Observatory nestled in the agrestic Hollywood hills. The narrative: his own beginnings with ACL, where he finds inspiration, and how the Docker’s Alpha Khaki has served handsomely as a foolproof denim replacement.

Williams is right: khakis are here to stay. From the looks of his Alphas, they are, too. And in case you’re wondering what else he’s wearing, we put together his full look below for your perusing enjoyment.

The Look

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