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Levi’s 514 Jeans

True American Heritage

By Gear Patrol Reader Matthew Swaggart:


The other day, my buddy called a local Saks Fifth Avenue store and asked if they carried Levi’s Capital E brand jeans. The salesman quipped, “Levi’s! No, we don’t carry Levi’s.” His tone was overtly snarky, to which my buddy replied with a few choice words and hung up the phone (the fact is, Saks does have Levi’s in their catalog).

Here is my problem with this situation – designer denim is out of control right now. Most of it doesn’t even look good and may be completely worthless in a few months. This prompted my thoughts on men and on fashion.

Right now we see a cookie-cutter man entering the wonderful world of fashion by wearing Affliction T’s, True Religion jeans, and long, square-toed shoes. THIS DOESN”T LOOK GOOD, MEN!!! It also represents an exorbitant amount of money to spend on a few items that won’t last in the world of fashion. I’m a denim freak and I have a closet full of designer jeans including True Religions, however, I find myself on a day-to-day basis wearing my Levi’s 514 Slim Straights“. They can dress up with dress shoes or go casual. When I travel, I pack the 514s because they pull double duty with casual or dress attire. Levi’s also has a good grasp on denim styles and colors.

No American designer or article of clothing will ever touch the impact that denim has had on the world of fashion…EVER!

To the snarky jackass that answered the phone at Saks, lets have a history lesson, shall we… the most American article of clothing we have is the blue jean. It was invented by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in 1873, right here in the USA. No American designer or article of clothing will ever touch the impact that denim has had on the world of fashion…EVER! The blue jean was invented in America and became wildly popular (in a fashion sense) in the 60s and has never looked back. To you, snarky salesman, I say that you are un-American (I actually hate this term and I don’t really mean it).

Next time you go out to pick up some new jeans, take a serious look at the 514s. I wear them routinely with Magnanni’s or Jordan’s, they just work. Buying a pair of jeans today for less than $50, that actually work on both ends, and will easily last any fashion storm the world has to offer can’t be ignored. And men, graphic T’s usually suck and square toes shouldn’t be purchased!

Cost: $32 | $40 @ Amazon

About the Author: I am a photographer and print designer. I fell in love with the girl of my dreams, photography, and fashion, all while studying abroad in Europe. I photograph anything from portraits to weddings to travel. Fashion-wise, I like to stick to the basics, then use shoes and minor accessories for flair. My job allows me to travel and has taken me all over the world, which has shaped how I view fashion. Fashion should be aesthetically pleasing, accentuate the form, and be functional.

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