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Kit: Frequent Flyer

Travel pros. You’ve seen them.


Travel pros. You’ve seen them. You’ve envied them. They glide through check-in, make the body-scan look like a photo shoot and sightsee like locals. Sure, part of it might be their passport with 200 stamps, but the right kit makes a world of difference, too. Whether you’re embarking on a shuttle flight or a trip around the globe, there are a few things that will improve life on the road dramatically. We’ve got ’em.

Braun CoolTec Electric Razor

Travel is irritating enough without razor burn. Braun’s innovative CoolTec electric razors use a revolutionary aluminum cooling bar in the center of the razor head — based on the same technology that provides climate control in spaceships — that actually cools skin while you shave. The result is a shave that’s buttery smooth and refreshingly cool, even if your flight isn’t. CoolTec is available at Best Buy.

Buy Now: $199

Billy Reid Canvas Dopp Kit

Just the right size and made of canvas and leather, this dopp kit from Billy Reid will hold everything you need whether you’re headed to Florence, Alabama, or the slightly more appealing one in Italy.

Buy Now: $102

Herb Lester City Guides

What’s the point of traveling if you just sit in the hotel once you arrive? Herb Lester’s 16 city guides for the US, Europe and Japan will have you exploring like a local. The top-notch illustrations might have some fellow travelers looking over your shoulder, too.

Buy Now: $6


Don’t fret. These excellent noise-canceling headphones sound a lot better than the fax machine they were apparently named after. They’re supremely comfortable and have effective active noise canceling, but their real party trick is a built-in headphone amp that vaults sound quality miles past competitors. And don’t worry if the batteries happen to die somewhere between Dakar and Capetown — they’ll still work as passive ‘phones.

Buy Now: $399

NOMOS Tangomat GMT Plus

The Tangomat is Nomos’s response to that ever-present question to a traveler: “What time is it where you are?” The answer comes in the form of a beautifully finished, in-house Caliber Xi movement surrounded by a minimal stainless-steel case and a separate display that shows how far away from GMT you are. If digits are too complicated for your time-zone telling, the standard Tangomat GMT provides airport codes in a similarly handsome timepiece.

Buy Now: $4,570

Lotuff Small Leather Duffle

Small, Connecticut-based Lotuff Leather is full of immensely skilled men and women busy making stunning leather goods. Their Small Duffle is no exception. The bag is just the right size for a quick getaway and, over time, the leather will look as well-traveled as you. In a good way, we mean.

Buy Now: $965

Fujifilm X100S

“Travel light” is the mantra of any seasoned traveler, but many can’t take a hard line when it comes to cutting weight. The Fujifilm X100S offers excellent captures in a painlessly small package. The shooter is a living legend with its impressive 16-megapixel APS-C sensor, an excellent integrated lens and styling that’ll make you feel like Slim Aarons in St. Tropez.

Buy Now: $1,350

Suitsupply Copenhagen Jacket

“I’m traveling” is not an excuse to throw on your school-spirit sweatsuit while flip flopping yourself down the jetway. Grow up and buy some travel attire that won’t make you look like the sixth member of the Fab Five. Suitsupply’s lightweight, unstructured Copenhagen jacket will be comfortable for a flight and stows away neatly.

Buy Now: $349

Mophie Powerstation Duo

Ditch your outlet dependency with this robust portable battery from Mophie. The sleek box holds a 6000mAh battery (roughly 4 times bigger than your iPhone 5) and boasts two USB ports for charging your smartphone and tablet simultaneously. You’ll be able to keep that Breaking Bad marathon going strong all the way through your Newark-to-Singapore flight.

Buy Now: $100

Bellroy Passport Sleeve Wallet

House your most important possessions in style — and with ease — with this handsome wallet. It tastefully covers your passport while providing two slots of business or frequent flier cards and even includes a pin to deal with those irritating customs forms you never understand anyway.

Buy Now: $100

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